7.24.17 - MUSIC VID DROPPED. Check under media. Xx

6.29.17 - In process of scheduling music vid release show. All signs point to July 23rd at Hotel Cafe. We'll show you guys the vid and then release it the following then, with a cool show and some amazing openers, to boot! Can't wait to show you the art we've created.

6.5.17- Ordered my vinyls and CDs with Rainbo Records, and putting in a big order for merch as we speak. They'll be available for purchase in late summer.

4.8.17 - I just had my first meeting with a major label!!!! :-D :-D More to come!!!!!!! Shopping this thing around to find the right people who will take it as high as it will go! 

3.18.17 - Finished mastering with the amazing, Pete Lyman, over at Infrasonic Sound. He did Traveler album for Chris Stapleton... so, that's.... kind of..... really amazing. 

2.25.17 - Recorded the music vid in one, 10-hour day, and I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to share the final product. Vibe is retro folk vignettes with a twist of old Hollywood glamour. :)

2.3.17 - Just finished the final, final mixes of EVERYTHING. AND we're doing a video for one of the singles, entitled "Ruby". I have Jamie Holt directing and producing, who AD-ed for Lady Gaga's "Til It Happens to You." 

1.2.17 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope everyone had the raddest (and safest) celebrations. Finessing another single, "Caprices", with my engineer, and setting our release date for May.