"Molly Kruse comes alive with her newest release, “Ruby.” The charming song is skillfully crafted as Kruse comes to life with an intriguing sound that is captivating from..."  Read more at Modern Mystery.


"'Ruby' has elements of pop, folk, country, alternative, and rock. The premise deals with a girl who’s neglected and abandoned by her family seen through the eyes of a narrator who’s empathizes with..." Read more at Vents Magazine.

Independent Artist Buzz

"Molly Kruse is a name to watch out for in 2018! We were lucky enough to get to chat with the emerging songstress about her new single 'Ruby', musical inspirations and more…..." Read more at Independent Artist Buzz


"Molly Kruse paints an elaborate mixture of country, soul, and the blues with the life-affirming journey of “Ruby”. A highly unique take on folk the song has an ornate, nearly mystical quality. Exploration of a multitude of styles and genres flow into the mix. Quite all-encompassing everything simply..." Read more at Skope Magazine.

Dancing about architecture

"Away from the celebrity spotlight of what we laughingly call the music industry, disposable pop with it’s bland shopping mall beat and faceless landfill indie – all complicated hair and scenester regulations – Ms. Kruse ofter us something real, something authentic, something that you won’t look at in ten years time and wonder..." Read more at Dancing About Architecture

The Lola Sessions

"How does one describe the talented Molly Kruse? Full on fusion of her favorite genres - soul, pop, country, folk, jazz, classic rock – it is, as she says, 'inexplicably and cementedly me.' She goes on to say, 'There are certainly some singer-songwriter/unclassifiable elements to the style, which...'" Read more at The Lola Sessions

Middle Tennessee Music

"With a long history in performance arts and music, the caliber of talent contributing to her album is a testament to the impressive path Molly has a traveled. Her album’s credit list includes names such as Jan Ozveren (Shakira, Charlie Puth), Rod Castro (Hans Zimmer, Raphael Saadiq), Benji Lysaght..." Read more at Middle Tennessee Music.

Gas Mask Magazine

"Molly Kruse has dropped a new track that feels like a cool fall morning in the city. We are obsessed with everything about “Come Back To Me” this week. From Kruse’s Sara Bareilles/Carole King like vocal quality to the smooth Manhattan Jazz backing instrumentation (not to mention the catchiest indie pop melody)..." Read more at Gas Mask Magazine.

No Depression

"Molly Kruse just released her debut and we simply can't get enough! The established singer-songwriter fuses soulful vocal lines with gorgeous harmonies and traditional country storytelling. Her voice is so sweet, but yet so full of passion.The first track “Come Back to Me” sounds like a Sarah Bareilles B-side. It is layered with deep lyrics, funky horns..." Read more at No Depression.

Pop of Colour

"In the weeks leading up to her self-titled EP release (April 13th, 2018), singer-songwriter Molly Kruse has been 'super super busy.'  However, the California Native is channeling those butterflies into creative rocket fuel. Enthusiastic and humble, her bell-like laugh rings across..." Read more at Pop of Colour. 

San Francisco Patch

"An artist on the rise, Molly Kruse has been capturing our attention with a string of singles and releases, most notably her new video for 'Ruby.' The singer-songwriter goes above and beyond the call of duty to bring enlightening songs to the table, with dashes of intimate moments..." Read more at the San Francisco Patch. 

Loudini Rock & Roll Circus

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Rubyfruit Radio

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Women of Substance

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